Yep, that’s right! More tutoring by Bonnie Sue!

For this assignment, we had to create a “summer camp” poster. My idea: tutoring and piano lessons all in one. What’s better than developing your child’s brain even more in a scholastic and musical way!?

2 Visual Assignment_4 stars

I teamed Bonnie Sue up with her friend Danny, a pianist at the local saloon- Tumbleweeds Saloon. He’s been playing since he was 9 years old, and is naturally gifted.

This took me about 10 minutes to do for 4 stars. I used good ‘ole Canva again – just love that website and it’s simple design!

With a combination of Danny’s piano skills and Bonnie’s teaching skills, your child will undoubtedly grow as a student, a musician, and overall, a person. Sign up today!!


2 thoughts on “Yep, that’s right! More tutoring by Bonnie Sue!

  1. This is awesome! Thanks for letting Danny get in on this. He loves working with kids and teaching piano. I’m not gonna lie, it’s really awesome seeing Danny in other people’s posts! Bonnie Sue might be somewhere on my blog tomorrow. ;D Keep an eye out!

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