School’s Out For Summer!!!!!

For the Storytelling within the Web assignment, I chose to re-do the UMW Advisory Alert Page. I chose to do this partly because a good friend of mine (very cruely) made me believe school was cancelled one Tuesday this winter for snow. He edited the website and everything — I was shocked, I didn’t know the average Joe could essentially “hack” into a website.

To do this, I used Jenna’s Macbook Air. My computer is pretty much the slowest dinosaur to ever exist, so I use her computer for alot of our projects that include downloading software and such. Anyways, she did this assignment yesterday and already had X Ray Goggles on Google Chrome.

I went to the UMW page and remembered what my friend did to me this winter!

I changed the advisory website to say that school was cancelled until Fall 2016. (That would be a dream, huh????? No finals or anything!!!) I edited it to be my own, put my social media accounts, etc. Check it it for yourself:

Here’s link to the page I remixed, & here’s the link to the remixed page!

X Ray Gog Screen Shot

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