To the Future of DS106….

Hello all!

If you’re reading this, I am guessing that you are taking Ds106. First of all, congratulations! You are making the choice to broaden your knowledge in the digital world. Second of all, buckle down. While this is an online class and alot of other online classes are pretty easy, this one requires some work. A good amount of work.

With that being said, the work is fun. It’s also very rewarding, because I, myself, am much more techno-savvy and know how to use the tools that the computer/internet gives us, and I will be able to use these new tools A LOT in the real world. That is what I will take from this class the most.

If you’re not savvy with the computer, do not worry. Your instructor, who I am guessing will be Paul Bond, is always there to help. He wants you to succeed. If you email him, it is likely he will answer you within the hour! In addition, the DKC at UMW is very helpful and knowledgeable. You will never be alone!

So, my advice to you in a nutshell..

  1. Do not get behind on work, try and complete it early in the week! Some weeks are easier than others, you’ll see as you go.
  2. Comment, alot. Don’t let it come back and bite you!
  3. Do your Daily Creates early so you can do the ones you want to do, and not be crunched with time. (You’ll know what this means after the first few weeks).
  4. Find a solid group of DS106ers who you’d want to collab with on projects. Check out everyone’s blogs. Find out what appeals to you, and who works hard.
  5. Have fun with it! While a good amount of work, this class is fun and rewarding!

Good luck!



One Last Ride for Carlee & Jenna

Howdy ya’ll! Hope your semester is ending nicely and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Only one more day of finals!

For my DS106 Final Project, I decided to team up with Jenna. We created a cross-country roadtrip that we will embark on to celebrate graduating & finishing this class together! We used forms of audio, webpage, design, and video to create our project.


Here is our “lineup” for our journey! I am a huge fan of music festivals, and after creating this I realized how similar it looks to festival lineup posters. 🙂 Anways, thought it looked cool, and we used Canva to create this. We have been working on a Pinterest board to illustrate/plan out all the places we wish to go, and if you want to check it out, here it is.

We created a video so we could visualize the places we will go.

Here’s a map of our road trip!


Starting in Fredericksburg, we will rent a car and drive to Nashville. Along the way, we plan to see the skyline drive, and will stop for lunch in Knoxville. Once we get to Nashville, we will settle into our hotel go to the Carrie Underwood concert. The next morning, we are going to go to the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and just explore downtown Nashville! Depending on how long that takes, we will eventually start our drive to New Orleans where our first stop is none other than Bourbon Street!! Although we’re not 100% sure what we will do there, we will definitely find a famous restaurant or two and get some gumbo — we do love our food!! After two days in New Orleans, we will then fly across the country to Las Vegas.

carlee nola to vegas

The best part about Vegas– Bonnie and Agnus are meeting us!!! (Below is our phone call to Bonnie and Agnus asking them to come meet us!)

In Vegas, we plan to explore the city, hang out by the pool, and most likely do a little gambling! After a day in Vegas, the 4 of us will drive over to San Diego. There, we will go to the beach, explore, and go to the Zoo. Then, the part of the trip that I am most excited for will happen. We will drive up the coast of California!! We will hit Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco, and keep going till we hit Seattle. Once we get to Seattle, unfortunately, Bonnie and Agnus will fly home. 🙁 However, Jenna and I will stay there for two nights and then fly out to south Dakota where we will go to Mount Rushmore, camp, and hike.

carlee nola to vegas

From there, we will drive to Chicago. I have always wanted to go to Chicago so I am super excited about this stop! There, we plan to go to the Sears Tower, go to the “beach”, get some famous hotdogs, and just look around! After a couple of days in Chicago, we will then drive to Boston and see a Red Sox game and do some exploring.

Finally, we will head home…….. and it’s all over! I can’t wait for our trip!

One Last Ride for Bonnie & Agnus

We’re not riding off into the sunset JUST yet. Bonnie Sue and her best friend, Agnus have some unfinished business to tend to before they separate.

What is that, you may ask? A CROSS-COUNTRY ROAD TRIP!

They’ve already moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia together from Tombstone, Arizona — but before they go their separate ways they want to go on a big road trip together. They will travel all over the country to places they’ve never seen and they will do things they’ve never done before! Although Jenna and I are not 100% sure what exactly we will be doing as far as forms of media (we just want to wait and see what actually works), we will likely write a background story to begin or end our trip, provide audio for the sounds of our trip OR through one situation they run into along the way. We use Google Maps to show where we go on our trip. We also may use video to show a day in the life of our trip, or, like with audio, a situation we run into. The options are endless for us, and I can’t wait to see where we go with this!

Weekly Summary, Week 13

This week was really different! When we started the assignments for this class, I never thought that essentially “hacking” into a website would be on the list! Also, when I saw “The Wild Wild Web” as the title of this was instructions, I had no idea what was in store!

I really enjoyed doing the assignments, especially the Pinterest boards! I absolutely love Pinterest… and to be able to add to my boards for a grade was a huge treat for me! The “Dream Travel” & “Dream Bedroom” ideas were also cultivating — for one, I am about to graduate, and I’ve always said that I wanted to travel before settling into the real world.. for two, I will be soon moving out of my college house & will need ideas for a new bedroom!

Connecting the Daily Creates was also quite interesting. As I did each of my 3 daily creates, I thought about how I could connect them together in the long run! Each time, I thought to myself, “YUP — no idea how this is going to happen!”, but as soon as I went to write up my blog post, it came to me!

As always, I commented, tweeted, and had another good week with DS106! Happy Weekend!

Daily Create Story

It all started when Wayne broke up with me. I went on a wild rant….. for 5 whole days – I drank and I drank, I smoked marijuana and cigarettes, and I did not sleep. Not once. Wayne really screwed me over. Anyways, on Friday, I got even more reckless. I spray painted graffiti all over the bridge going over the canal. I wrote one of my worst’ enemie’s name — Carlee — we have a long history of fights and drama. I can’t stand her. I hope she gets in trouble for it!!!

After Friday, I decided to go on a walk. A long one. I walked until I couldn’t walk anymore, and I landed at Bruce Wayne’s house. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! I thought, “My luck must be turning around… Fate wouldn’t just put me at Bruce Wayne’s house for nothing”.

I walked around and peeped through all of the windows, trying to get a glimpse of the amazing house and to see if he was in there. He wasn’t. Dang.

School’s Out For Summer!!!!!

For the Storytelling within the Web assignment, I chose to re-do the UMW Advisory Alert Page. I chose to do this partly because a good friend of mine (very cruely) made me believe school was cancelled one Tuesday this winter for snow. He edited the website and everything — I was shocked, I didn’t know the average Joe could essentially “hack” into a website.

To do this, I used Jenna’s Macbook Air. My computer is pretty much the slowest dinosaur to ever exist, so I use her computer for alot of our projects that include downloading software and such. Anyways, she did this assignment yesterday and already had X Ray Goggles on Google Chrome.

I went to the UMW page and remembered what my friend did to me this winter!

I changed the advisory website to say that school was cancelled until Fall 2016. (That would be a dream, huh????? No finals or anything!!!) I edited it to be my own, put my social media accounts, etc. Check it it for yourself:

Here’s link to the page I remixed, & here’s the link to the remixed page!

X Ray Gog Screen Shot

Dream Bedroom

DS106 assignment bank gave me another opportunity to use Pinterest, so naturally, I went for it! For this assignment, we had to use Pinterest to create our dream bedroom.

When you first glance at my Pinterest board, you will get a very good idea of what I generally want. While I am not 100% sure, I do know I want a very white bedroom with a slight bohemian-hippie twist to it. This means: white walls (with picture frames and boho decor), white rugs OR hardwood (not sure yet), white sheets, pillows (maybe throw in some colorful pillows), and comforter, white blankets, dreamcatcher, white french doors, and huge windows! Kinda specific, kinda not.

Take a look at my board & you will see! 🙂 Enjoy

Dream Vacation

I did this Dream Vaca assignment for 3.5 stars. I already had a Dream Travels board, but I just added to it for this assignment!

My dream vacation is and always will be a week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’ve been going since I was 2 years old, and haven’t missed a year since. It is without a doubt my favorite place in the world, and I will never stop going! Even when I have children of my own I will make every effort to take them every summer just like I had the ability to do.

This trip will definitely be possible for me, as I have been going for years, so I know what needs to be done!

Money is obviously needed for any vacation…

  1. Book the house, my family always used
  2. If going with other people, collaborate on what everyone will bring….
    1. food (we usually cook in every night so everyone brings their own breakfast, lunch, and a dinner or 2 they will cook)
    2. bed sheets
    3. clothes/bathing suit
    4. sunscreen
    5. beach chair, towels, cooler, umbrella, surfboard, bodyboards
    6. etc….
  3. Leave morning of, check in/get key to house, and bam! Vacation has begun!

Daily Creates, Week 12

This week, we only had to complete 2 Daily Creates!

First one:

We had to use 4 emoji’s to represent a movie. I showed my 2 roommates that we home with me at the time, and 1/2 of them guessed it. The Exorcism!!!!

the second one:


We had to draw negative space leaves! For this, I ran outside, found a fallen leaf, sketched around it, and uploaded a picture of it to twitter.