Celebrity Speed Dating with Bonnie Sue

Just finished my Audio assignments for the week with the Celebrity Speed Dating assignment for 3 stars!

I used Bonnie Sue because I needed a few more stars with her for the week! Anyways, I COMPLETELY went off a whim with this one. Nothing written down, nothing memorized, etc. Just went off of my memory from my very first blog post about Bonnie Sue where I described her and her hobbies! I figured that’s what you do in a “speed dating” session anyways, right?

I used SoundCloud for all of this. I mentioned that Bonnie Sue loves to knit with her friends, teach at the local elementary school, go to rodeos with her husband, visit her family a couple towns over, and go to the saloon to hang out every once in a while. If you ask me, I think she sounds like a pretty interesting gal!

This assignment was fun because it was really quick, and I didn’t have to sit down and prepare a script or anything like that. I simply used my imagination!

Tutoring by Bonnie

Here’s a commercial I made for 4.5 stars! It deals with my character, Bonnie Sue, who is a teacher. She is now offering tutoring services for children who are struggling in the classroom, and this is her commmercial for it!

To make this, I googled “best advertisement music” on Youtube, found the songI wanted, and embedded it into Audacity. I then recorded my voice over the song. ย After some cutting/other editing, I exported it, and uploaded it to Soundcloud!

Pretty easy assignment, now that I am much more familiar with Audacity and at this point it is easy to use! Maybe we’ll even use this for our radio show. We’ll see.


DS106 Radio Bumper

Made this DS106 radio bumper for our group, Gals of the West, for 3 stars! Pretty easy to do this go around, considering I had already made one during Week 5! Like last time, I googled “Western Instrumental Music”, and chose the one I thought sounded the best. Then, I came up with a catchy phrase, picked out the right time during the song that I wanted my voice to be, recorded, exported, uploaded to soundcloud, and bam — here it is! Enjoy.

Bonnie Sue goes on an adventure

This assignment was a little more complex, but once I figured out it, I definitely didn’t mind it. When I finished it, I felt accomplished, like I am a step closer to a movie producer or something! (ha ha ha). But seriously, this was a cool assignment, and not only was this useful for this class, but for future tasks I will know that I can do something like this!

Anyways, the short story: Bonnie Sue and Sheriff Woodrow go to visit family in the next town over. It is a rather long trip, so they must travel overnight. It rains the majority of the trip, and they pass an Indian tribe celebrating (thankfully, they were very friendly!!). They also hear wolves howling in the distance. The short story ends with the family members opening the door for the traveling pair!

Country Gone Thugggg

This assignment was super funny. I mixed one of my favorite set of lyrics: “Mine Would Be You” by Brad Paisley – to a great party song called “Wait” by the Ying Yang Twins. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was really hard not to sing the words, which I think I did a couple of times, oops! I tried. This assignment did not take me long to complete, which I also very much enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚

103.9 The Rattlesnake

Once I got the hang of Audacity, this was really easy to do, thank goodness! 103.9 is my favorite radio station from home, and ‘the Rattlesnake’ was the first thing that came to mind when I was trying to think of a title. Other than that, I just went with it with voiceover on the Western music (youtube: “western instrumental music”). I also featured Bonnie Sue’s husband, the beloved protector of her and his town, Sheriff Woodrow! Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚