Radio Show Poster



Just made my poster for the radio show!

It took me a surprisingly long time to find a background that I liked/ was of good quality. I chose this one because our murder takes place in a saloon downtown, and I like the dusty and eerie look this image has.

I made sure to give our group credit, since we are the ones coming up with the entire radio show — which is why I put our name loud and proud at the top of the image [Dominance!!]. Next, I wanted to present the name of the murder mystery, “Turning Tumbleweeds”. We just did choose this name because Tumbleweeds is th name of our saloon, which is located in Tombstone, AZ.

I then gave credit to DS106 radio at the bottom, since they are the channel we are using to broadcast our show!

I tried to keep it pretty simple… that’s how I like it. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Happy Easter!

I decided to do the Make a Card assignment for 3.5 stars.


To do this, I used Canva. It was my second time using this website, and once again, it did not disappoint! It was super easy to make this card and it did not take me much time at all.

I know Easter cards aren’t really much of a thing, but with it coming up in the next month, I figured, why not! Easter is such a happy time — celebrating Jesus, the weather is getting warmer, and I get to go home and spend time with my family. Nothing beats that! 🙂

To figure out what I wanted to do with this, I typed “Easter” in the search box. I came across the picture of that cute little carrot first, and immediately decided I wanted it in my card! 🙂 I then searched for another simple image, and came across the egg. Looking back, I sort of wish it was a different color, but oh well! It still works. I then typed in Happy Easter, using the color of the leave from the carrot. I used a simple grayish-black text color for the subheading! Then, I clicked on “background” and found this simple white and black patterned one.

All in all, I really like the simplicity of this! It’s also nice to know that if I am ever short on money/ in desperate need of a card, I can use canva!

My Signature.


I chose to do the Your Signature assignment in the assignment bank for 4 stars. I created this image using PPT; it was relatively easy. Anyways, while I am not really sure what this means, I would definitely say it represents me. Some people like to call me a hippie — I am a lover of nature, simplicity, peace, love…..

I grew up going to the beach, and to me, there’s nothing better than watching the sun rise over the ocean — sitting in the sun all day, listening to the waves crash — then watching the moon and stars overhead while sitting around a bonfire with family and friends.

The simple things in life have always meant everything to me. Laughing & smiling. Loving. Making someone else laugh. Showing people you care about them, and people showing they care about you. Getting a good sweat on. Taking a nice nap during the day & getting amazing sleep at night.

While the sun and the moon are far from simple…. they are in a way. The appreciation of them, what they give to us everyday — that keeps us going!

Also — the “c” curve of the moon represents the first initial of my name!

I have no idea if any of that made sense… But it is hard to put into words! Anyways, enjoy the image!

Bonnie Sue goes missing


I did the Missing Person assigment from the bank (attached above) for 3 stars.

I used PPT to complete this assignment, but when I tried to embed the picture into the blog post, it left Bonnie Sue’s picture out, but inserted the rest of the image into the post. It was weird!

Anyways, this assigment is pretty self-explanatory. I chose to use Bonnie Sue because I wanted to use her in an assignment this week. I pretty much went off of most models online — I could have put more of a Western/old-timey look into the Design but I didn’t. To describer her look and what she was last wearing before she went missing, I used the avatar that I used during week 4 assignments to represent her. I also added her husband into the mix by saying that the abduction (if an abduction) was probably outlaw-related in regards to his being a Sheriff!

Let’s all pray Bonnie Sue gets home safe!

WANTED: Thomas Younger

I chose to complete the Most Wanted Outlaws assignment for this week (which was created by me — woo!). I did Thomas Coleman Younger. I created the Design using Canva, which was really cool and easy to navigate through (it was my 1st time using it!) I retrieved my information about Younger from List Verse. outlaw

Younger had a troubled life. His father was murdered by Union Captain Walley, who his father beat up because he accused Wiley of “making advances” on his daughter, AKA Younger’s sister. At the time of his father’s murder, though, he was already a member of the Quantrill’s Raiders, and later, the Confederate Army.

The first time Younger’s name was negatively brought up was in 1868, after the robbery of Nimrod Long & Co. Bank in Kentucky. However, that was just the start. He then formed a gang with his brothers and robbed stagecoaches, trains, and banks.

However, Younger turned his life around! After his brothers were put in jail, he went around the U.S. with Frank James and gave speeches about the Wild West, became a Christian, and renounced his troubled past.

What’s crazy? He died 4 years after his revival, of natural causes, with 11 bullets still embedded in his body from his outlaw days………..

Long Distance

Long Distance

This assignment had no directions so I kind of just went off of the example and created my own little graphic. This picture was taken by me in Roanoke, VA. As stated above, my boyfriend played football at UT and is finishing his last semester there. Needless to say, time spent together has always been scarce. So one weekend we decided to meet halfway between Fxbg and Knoxville — which just happens to be Roanoke, VA. As soon as we arrive at our hotel, we were greeted with this beautiful sunset. It was a wonderful moment. The quote is one of my favorites by Winnie the Pooh, and it perfectly sums up long distance relationships.


Assignment Ideas for Design

First of all, I created my own assignment for the design department. I was googling all things Western as well as the links provided to my group, and came upon a common theme that I thought would be cool for the class to do. (one person already completed it, yay!!)

Here’s the link

& here were my other ideas for assignments —

  • I think it would be kind of cool to have everyone design a wanted poster for one of the “most wanted outlaws” back in the day.
  • Going off of that, maybe have people design a book or movie cover for an on Western.
  • Another idea I had (not sure if this would be possible or not) was designing a Western outfit for men and/or women, & boys and/or girls. Like a lot of families do, my family and I took a Western picture in a big photo studio on the boardwalk of OCMD when I was younger. I thought it would be cool to research the common clothing of the times and to design an outfit for someone! I am not sure what software we could use for that though…  I would have to look further into it! (if anyone has any ideas on a software, let me know!) 

Here is a website listing 10 most wanted outlaws: