Video Show Plan

Hey ya’ll!

So Lindsey, Tierra, Jenna, and I chose to do option #2 — another radio show. We worked really well together last time so we thought, why not? Let’s do it.

We opened a google doc and quickly began brainstorming. Our plan is this:

Our characters (Danny, Sally, Agnus, and Bonnie) are moving to Fredericksburg, VA from our hometown Tombstone, AZ. The loss of our good friend Johnny last week took a toll on everyone, so we’re taking a chance on life and moving on. Not only are we moving to Fredericksburg, though. We are attending COLLEGE at UMW!

We plan to introduce our characters and pretty much summarize a “day in the life” of each of them. As we all know, Bonnie loves to knit, go to rodeos, and teach her children in Tombstone, AZ. But, that’s all about to change. She’s going to find some new hobbies! These hobbies will coincide with my own. Bonnie has fallen in love with field hockey, working out, and eating alot of food. She’s also fallen in love with the campus, her professors, and learning everyday! She’s made so many new friends, and her friendship with her 3 hometown friends is stronger than ever.

Follow Bonnie Sue as she walks you through a day in her NEW life in the new hit show, “College is a Rodeo”!!

My Attempt @ a Video Essay

So for my video essay, I chose to to Django Unchained. I tried my best 🙂
I really enjoyed reading Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” and watching “Shot Reverse Shot” by the Coens. It helped me realize, for one, what I should be looking for, and two, what movie critics use everyday in order to rate movies. It was interesting to take what the experts said into account, and then watch a movie thinking about all of those things.

It’s not the best quality, but I tried. Click above to see what I had to say about Django Unchained!

My Favorite Thing To Do…

….. IS TO PLAY FIELD HOCKEY!!!!! 🙂 To complete this assignment, I used a YouTube video of myself that I (helped) make and used for recruiting a while ago!

I am not sure about other sports, but for field hockey, coaches recommend you upload or send videos to them so they can evaluate you as a player without having to travel around to try and find you at tournaments!

Here, I tried to highlight my skills in both practice and game-like settings. We also added background music to it, which definitely wouldn’t have been my first choice if it were up to me, but oh well, I guess it worked! I also added my high school GPA, my coaches name, and phone number in the beginning.

Enjoy….. 🙂