School’s Out For Summer!!!!!

For the Storytelling within the Web assignment, I chose to re-do the UMW Advisory Alert Page. I chose to do this partly because a good friend of mine (very cruely) made me believe school was cancelled one Tuesday this winter for snow. He edited the website and everything — I was shocked, I didn’t know the average Joe could essentially “hack” into a website.

To do this, I used Jenna’s Macbook Air. My computer is pretty much the slowest dinosaur to ever exist, so I use her computer for alot of our projects that include downloading software and such. Anyways, she did this assignment yesterday and already had X Ray Goggles on Google Chrome.

I went to the UMW page and remembered what my friend did to me this winter!

I changed the advisory website to say that school was cancelled until Fall 2016. (That would be a dream, huh????? No finals or anything!!!) I edited it to be my own, put my social media accounts, etc. Check it it for yourself:

Here’s link to the page I remixed, & here’s the link to the remixed page!

X Ray Gog Screen Shot

Dream Vacation

I did this Dream Vaca assignment for 3.5 stars. I already had a Dream Travels board, but I just added to it for this assignment!

My dream vacation is and always will be a week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’ve been going since I was 2 years old, and haven’t missed a year since. It is without a doubt my favorite place in the world, and I will never stop going! Even when I have children of my own I will make every effort to take them every summer just like I had the ability to do.

This trip will definitely be possible for me, as I have been going for years, so I know what needs to be done!

Money is obviously needed for any vacation…

  1. Book the house, my family always used
  2. If going with other people, collaborate on what everyone will bring….
    1. food (we usually cook in every night so everyone brings their own breakfast, lunch, and a dinner or 2 they will cook)
    2. bed sheets
    3. clothes/bathing suit
    4. sunscreen
    5. beach chair, towels, cooler, umbrella, surfboard, bodyboards
    6. etc….
  3. Leave morning of, check in/get key to house, and bam! Vacation has begun!