Daily Create Story

It all started when Wayne broke up with me. I went on a wild rant….. for 5 whole days – I drank and I drank, I smoked marijuana and cigarettes, and I did not sleep. Not once. Wayne really screwed me over. Anyways, on Friday, I got even more reckless. I spray painted graffiti all over the bridge going over the canal. I wrote one of my worst’ enemie’s name — Carlee — we have a long history of fights and drama. I can’t stand her. I hope she gets in trouble for it!!!

After Friday, I decided to go on a walk. A long one. I walked until I couldn’t walk anymore, and I landed at Bruce Wayne’s house. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! I thought, “My luck must be turning around… Fate wouldn’t just put me at Bruce Wayne’s house for nothing”.

I walked around and peeped through all of the windows, trying to get a glimpse of the amazing house and to see if he was in there. He wasn’t. Dang.

Daily Creates, Week 12

This week, we only had to complete 2 Daily Creates!

First one:

We had to use 4 emoji’s to represent a movie. I showed my 2 roommates that we home with me at the time, and 1/2 of them guessed it. The Exorcism!!!!

the second one:


We had to draw negative space leaves! For this, I ran outside, found a fallen leaf, sketched around it, and uploaded a picture of it to twitter.

Daily Creates, week 11



Daily Creates, Week 10

#tdc1534 for this daily create, we had to make a “lame excuse” as to why we were too busy to do a daily create. I used one of my favorite hobbies that usually keeps me from doing my work, watching Netflix for hours and hours 🙂


For this daily create, we had to make art with our bikes! I chose to “make” my own bike using Paint. Pretty easy and simple… but I am pretty proud of myself 🙂



Daily Creates, week 9


For this Daily Create, we had to make a graphic or something of the sort in order to promote the importance of doing Daily Creates. I thought of one of my favorite childhood shows, “Out of the Box” on Disney Channel, and went with it! Used Canva for this.


For this one, we had to bury something undesirable at Boot Hill. I chose hate, racism, and violence… pretty self-explanatory. I actually used my iPhone for this – used the InstaSize App. Pretty easy!


Today’s daily create was confusing. I had no idea what it meant!!! I googled everything I could and got nowhere. Therefore, I just kind of made something up….

Daily Creates, Week 8


This is my vineyard sign, made with Canva! From the list of generated names, I chose “Black Dog Vineyard” because it stuck out to me for some reason. Again, using Canva was wonderful. I simply chose a background, then chose a text layout, and filled in the words I wanted. I think it looks pretty good!



This one was pretty easy, I just typed the first thing that came to mind when I saw the cowboy staring off into the distance – in only 150 characters!

Thoughts on Western Design

From what I have seen, Western design puts alot of emphasis on Dominance. From the titles of the movies on the graphic, to the posters screaming “WANTED” at the top of them, to the large images/pictures of the cowboy riding his horse or a large picture of the cowboy’s/sheriff’s/outlaws face, dominance is definitely asserted — no doubt we adapted this concept from these times!

Abilene Town.jpg

Ten Thousand Dollars for a Massacre.jpgDodge City (1939) movie title

They also tried to use alot of color, but in alot of cases, that did not quite work out…..

Along Came Jones.jpg

This picture is extremely bland, with not many colors, let alone colors complementing one another.

There also wasn’t much balance or rhythm, as alot of the stills just pasted their text right over an image….

3 godfathers movie titleFort Apache (1948) movie title

Typography, however, it definitely at work here. I am not sure what the font is called, but if I had to describe it as a young adult in 2016, I would say it is very Western styled. That is definitely something they contributed to our culture today!

One picture I found was actually kind of aesthetically pleasing.Broken Arrow (1950) movie title

The font, the colors, and the balance works out here. (Balance is a little off, but it’s still better than what I have seen!) It definitely portrays an”indian-ish” look very well. They used alot of primary colors here, too – and they compliment eachother, which I also like.

Daily Creates, Week 6


I’m not sure why, but when I saw the criteria for this daily create, I automatically thought of using a dog. I googled “dogs with surprised faces” and chose this one. I think his face represents the moment that you realize all of your hard work is being recognized — great feeling!


I recently wrote a paper for my Psych of Aging class on what the meaning of life is. The paper is broken up into 3 parts — the meaning of life for 1) emerging adults, 2) middle-aged people, and 3) older people. I had to interview people, and the common theme was definitely having close friends, staying close with your family, and love over hate. Love and human connection are also what keep me going, so it makes sense.


I remember this day so vividly. It was, without a doubt in the entire world, the MOST beautiful sunset I had ever seen in my life. This picture cannot to it justice, and neither can my words……. It was just amazing! It seemed that everyone from our hotel was out on the beach taking pictures of this. The clouds were scattered all over the sky, with fluffy ones at the top; flat/bigger ones in the middle; and then little blob-like clouds just at the horizon. I will never forget this memory and I can’t wait to see a sunset like this one again.

Daily Creates, Week 5

This daily create took some thought! I feel there is already just about everything for anything at all out there. Heck, my “invention” has probably already been invented, but whatever. I went for it! This product will not only promote hygiene for senior citizens as they will be able to clean their showers, but safety as well. No more trying to bend over and risking a fall! $10.00 flat for these lovely flops!

This one is pretty self-explanatory! I simply followed one of the models on the daily create page. I am from Delaware, which is why I chose that state, and our state flag is blue!

Who knows if it’ll work, but I think it’s a pretty practical route to the loot (as long as nobody is shootin’ at the firing range! We’ll hope for the best, bring about 10 cowboys…. the three cowgirls with crazy hair don’t stand a chance!

Daily Creates Week 3

  1. When I started reading over the old Western quotes, this one caught my eye. I feel  like back in the Wild West, you were either in or out of the group, and regardless of what group you were in, you’d better keep your mouth shut about things other’s weren’t suposed to know! I immediately thought of what the worst thing could be if you didn’t keep your mouth shut, and well naturally, that was death. So, I googled Western Outlaws images and this one came up! Thought it was perfect.

2. This daily create is pretty much self-explanatory for me. I tried to think of what I could use as my symbols for my cow brand. I could have used something random, but decided against it…. I thought, “why not use something that represents me?” So, here you have it. The first letter of my name, and my field hockey number since I was just a middle schooler until I finished my college career! 🙂

3. This one was pretty simple for me. First, I googled Bonnie McCaroll and read all about her. Her history, her love life, her accolades, etc. It’s pretty tragic that she died while on a buc, when she wasn’t even trying to perform or ride rodeo. Regardless, she seems like a badass. I am sure her occupation as a bronc rider and a rodeo performer was frowned upon because she is a women. But she surely took what she wanted, and owned it. Now, she’s a Hall of Famer with a name that will always be remembered. This is why I chose to use the simple quote, “Gone but not forgotten”.