To the Future of DS106….

Hello all!

If you’re reading this, I am guessing that you are taking Ds106. First of all, congratulations! You are making the choice to broaden your knowledge in the digital world. Second of all, buckle down. While this is an online class and alot of other online classes are pretty easy, this one requires some work. A good amount of work.

With that being said, the work is fun. It’s also very rewarding, because I, myself, am much more techno-savvy and know how to use the tools that the computer/internet gives us, and I will be able to use these new tools A LOT in the real world. That is what I will take from this class the most.

If you’re not savvy with the computer, do not worry. Your instructor, who I am guessing will be Paul Bond, is always there to help. He wants you to succeed. If you email him, it is likely he will answer you within the hour! In addition, the DKC at UMW is very helpful and knowledgeable. You will never be alone!

So, my advice to you in a nutshell..

  1. Do not get behind on work, try and complete it early in the week! Some weeks are easier than others, you’ll see as you go.
  2. Comment, alot. Don’t let it come back and bite you!
  3. Do your Daily Creates early so you can do the ones you want to do, and not be crunched with time. (You’ll know what this means after the first few weeks).
  4. Find a solid group of DS106ers who you’d want to collab with on projects. Check out everyone’s blogs. Find out what appeals to you, and who works hard.
  5. Have fun with it! While a good amount of work, this class is fun and rewarding!

Good luck!



Dream Bedroom

DS106 assignment bank gave me another opportunity to use Pinterest, so naturally, I went for it! For this assignment, we had to use Pinterest to create our dream bedroom.

When you first glance at my Pinterest board, you will get a very good idea of what I generally want. While I am not 100% sure, I do know I want a very white bedroom with a slight bohemian-hippie twist to it. This means: white walls (with picture frames and boho decor), white rugs OR hardwood (not sure yet), white sheets, pillows (maybe throw in some colorful pillows), and comforter, white blankets, dreamcatcher, white french doors, and huge windows! Kinda specific, kinda not.

Take a look at my board & you will see! 🙂 Enjoy

Tutoring by Bonnie

Here’s a commercial I made for 4.5 stars! It deals with my character, Bonnie Sue, who is a teacher. She is now offering tutoring services for children who are struggling in the classroom, and this is her commmercial for it!

To make this, I googled “best advertisement music” on Youtube, found the songI wanted, and embedded it into Audacity. I then recorded my voice over the song.  After some cutting/other editing, I exported it, and uploaded it to Soundcloud!

Pretty easy assignment, now that I am much more familiar with Audacity and at this point it is easy to use! Maybe we’ll even use this for our radio show. We’ll see.


Daily Creates, Week 5

This daily create took some thought! I feel there is already just about everything for anything at all out there. Heck, my “invention” has probably already been invented, but whatever. I went for it! This product will not only promote hygiene for senior citizens as they will be able to clean their showers, but safety as well. No more trying to bend over and risking a fall! $10.00 flat for these lovely flops!

This one is pretty self-explanatory! I simply followed one of the models on the daily create page. I am from Delaware, which is why I chose that state, and our state flag is blue!

Who knows if it’ll work, but I think it’s a pretty practical route to the loot (as long as nobody is shootin’ at the firing range! We’ll hope for the best, bring about 10 cowboys…. the three cowgirls with crazy hair don’t stand a chance!