Weekly Summary, Week 13

This week was really different! When we started the assignments for this class, I never thought that essentially “hacking” into a website would be on the list! Also, when I saw “The Wild Wild Web” as the title of this was instructions, I had no idea what was in store!

I really enjoyed doing the assignments, especially the Pinterest boards! I absolutely love Pinterest… and to be able to add to my boards for a grade was a huge treat for me! The “Dream Travel” & “Dream Bedroom” ideas were also cultivating — for one, I am about to graduate, and I’ve always said that I wanted to travel before settling into the real world.. for two, I will be soon moving out of my college house & will need ideas for a new bedroom!

Connecting the Daily Creates was also quite interesting. As I did each of my 3 daily creates, I thought about how I could connect them together in the long run! Each time, I thought to myself, “YUP — no idea how this is going to happen!”, but as soon as I went to write up my blog post, it came to me!

As always, I commented, tweeted, and had another good week with DS106! Happy Weekend!

Weekly Summary, Week 12

This week wasn’t bad at all for DS106! I stepped up my commenting game, I enjoyed the Daily Creates, and I definitely liked doing the assignments this week.

I chose all design assignments to remix, because that’s what I am best at. I really like the idea of Mashing and Remixing, because it allows us to step even further outside of the box and even transform work we’ve already done — all due to ideas in our brains!

While creating the tutorial wasn’t nearly as fun as doing the other assignments, it wasn’t all that bad, and if it will help the next generation of DS106ers, then that is more than okay with me! The most annoying part was “print screening”, pasting, and cropping up the image for every single window I used. It probably took me about 45 minutes total, which in the long run, isn’t all that bad.


weekly summary week 11

Hey y’all! Another week down for DS106. This week was pretty mild and easy and I have my group members to thank for that!

Lindsey, Natalie, Jenna, and I did a video as you probably know by now if you’ve looked at my blog — “College is a Rodeo”!!

What I did was record “a day in the life of Bonnie Sue” all day on Tuesday with my iPhone 5s. I then sent my videos to Jenna’s MacBook, and used iMovie to compile everything into a nice, smooth film. I used the same transition the whole time and set background music via YouTube to MP3 audio converter. I was amazed at how user friendly iMovie was! The task was so much easier than I expected. We then exported our videos and sent them off to Lindsey and Tierra, who were to compile everything together for us!

Since I recorded Tuesday, I was pretty much done by Wednesday for ds106! It was a great feeling not having to worry about anything from then on!

I really enjoyed working with Lindsey, Tierra, and Jenna again! They are extremely hard working and just want to get the job done, and to produce quality work while doing it.

See ya next week!

Weekly Summary, week 10

So this week was full of new things. I have never ever looked at video like we were assigned to this week. I loved reading the essays and watching the videos on how to analyze movies. I now understand there’s much more to movies than just te drama of a sticky situation or the gossip between friends — it’s about what the movie producer and other behind-the-scenes movie experts do in the small details that truly make the movie what it is!

I especially liked the “Shot | Reverse Shot” short video by the Coens. This mechanism for movie making is arguably one of the most used in the movie world. The drama and tension that is created by Shot | Reverse Shot is huge. For those of you that didn’t choose to watch this movie, SRS is when the camera seems to be situated between two people. First, it is focused on the person who is talking — but then switches over to whoever that person was talking to. We get to see that person’s reaction to what the first person talked about. Super cool.

I am excited for our “College is a Rodeo” show next week. I really enjoy working with Jenna, Natalie, and Lindsey — so I am excited to see what we can come up with. I think our plot and take on the show is really cool– check it out in my “Video Show Plan” blog post! ALSO in my Video Show Plan post, you will find my trailer for next week!

The Daily Creates this week were pretty easy.  I like when we only have to do 2, it takes alot of stress off for some reason 🙂

This week was fun, can’t wait to see what’s next.

Weekly Summary, week 9

This was a very mild week, and I was super thankful for that! Therefore, there’s really not too much to say.

The easy week was much needed (even though I am worried we’re going to get slammed next week!!). I did all of my assignments over the course of about 3 days and they probably only took me about 40 minutes in total. I spread my daily creates out – I am pretty sure I did one Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

I enjoyed listening to Tombcast Radio on Wednesday night. The guys did a great job! But, I REALLY enjoyed tuning into and live tweeting our Turning Tumbleweeds broadcast. It was so fun seeing what everyone had to say about our work! From what I can see, people really enjoyed it!

Weekly Summary, Week 8

WE. ARE. DONE. Hallelujah!

Jenna and I just compiled everything! It took us about 4 hours to compile everything. Shew, it was no joke.

Everyone pretty much did a great job! Aside from a few glitches and such, adding everything together went pretty well. What took so much time was trying to get everything to run together smoothly — to add in background music — to cut out certain parts that did not make sense.

All in all, I am glad we are done, and I am happy with the final product! I hope everyone enjoys listening to our radio show.

Only having 2 TDC’s this week was pretty nice. Both of the ones that I chose were fairly easy, and took little time.

It was also nice not having a ton of assigments to do this weekend, but simply having one long project to finish. Because we had to wait for everyone to send in their audio in order to put everything together today/tonight, we didn’t do much DS106 any other days this week. I’m sure that’ll change next week 🙂

Have a great weekend, ya’ll.

Weekly Summary, week 7



Howdy Ya’ll!!!!!

This week was…………….surprisingly mild! Definitely owe it to my group for making it so stress-free for me! We all put in great ideas and got the work done. We pretty much already have all of our bumpers and commercials, as well as a few more parts that we are adding in to make up our radio show. Jenna and I are putting all of the audio together, so the fact that our group members have already given us so much is really helpful!

The assignments were pretty easy this week, considering we are well into the semester & have done most of it before! 🙂 My favorite assignment was probably the Design a Poster assigment… [again, I really like design!]. It was really fun to make!

There were absolutely no assigments I did not enjoy this week! Huge plus!

I also really enjoyed Monday’s daily create… where we #had #to #write #like #this. As I said in my blog post, I was truly able to express my feelings at the current time! I missed the 1:06 pm Daily Create, which I was super bummed about haha. That woulda been easy! Then, yesterday, I took one look at the daily create, and said “no thank you” — it looked confusing and difficult, LOL.

Super excited for Spring Break. I literally have no homework to do, which is amazing. My group pretty much got everything squared away, so that we’ll be good to go for next week. I feel like I pretty much summed up everything about this week in my radio show blog post… So I am not sure what else to write here…

Everyone, have a wonderful spring break!! Whatever you do, be safe, and enjoy!

Weekly Summary, week 6

I really can’t believe we are 6 weeks into the semester — 6 weeks into doing DS106 work every week! It’s definitely been challenging, but I have learned alot. I truly believe what I have learned will help me out in the future.

This week was fun. I’ve always really liked design, but I haven’t, done it in a while, so it was nice to brush up on some skills! I used Photoshop in high school, which truly made everything alot easier — everything I needed was just right there. However, I have learned that in the “real word” you have to purchase photosghop — something this broke college student just cannot afford :). With that being said, though, I discovered Canva; a (mostly) free design website that is user-friendly with alot of cool features. This will help me out alot for my future endeavors. Being able to create aesthetically pleasing graphics is a very marketable skill!

My favorite assignment this week was the Easter card I made. I have always loved simple, yet meaningul things that get the point across. That’s how I did alot of my designs in high school. It brought back great memories! 🙂 It was really fun and pleasing that I could still make something like that….even though it’s not all that impressive, it is to me! 🙂

I do not really have a  “least favorite assigment”, but if I had to choose the most tedious thing it would probably be the write-ups. I am good with making the designs, but it just takes so much time to write up what I did! I know it’s important, though, so it’s okay.

This week, I have to pick a few blog posts that stand out to me, so I am about to do that. It will be fun looking at posts from this point of view, and truly seeing what everyone had to offer this week.

Signing off, have a good weekend!

Week 5

This week was definitely the toughest yet. However, it was also the most rewarding! First off, I finally logged back into my blog. That’s right – I locked myself out of my account! GO me! I still do not have a clue what happened, but I am back on now; that’s all that matters to me. Special thanks goes out to Paul Bond for all of his help and patience throughout the week!

With that being said, I was brand new to the world of Audio. I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. As I played with Audacity and listened to “Moon Graffiti”, however, it did not take long for an appreciation to develop. Audio is truly the backbone of any good story or media. It gives it character, setting, and allows viewers and readers to take their imagination to a whole new place. This is especially relevant regarding DS106 Radio. I tuned in tonight, and there were 2 short stories played. The background music, the voices, the effects — they are what made the whole thing. Sure, a storyline is needed. But then we need voices to tell the story. If we just have voices, though, that’s boring! Those voices need pitch, they need laughter, they need to have emotion inside them: fear, happiness, doubt, etc. Then, we need background noises too. Is there a dog parking? Wolves howling? Are the characters in a crowded bar? Without these noises, we wouldn’t be able to tell what kind of situation and setting the characters were really in.

My favorite assignment was the Short Story one. As I mentioned in the blog summary for the assignment, I felt super accomplished when I completed it!

My least favorite assignnment = none of them really. It was hard getting used to Audacity at first, but once I got the hang of it, everything was pretty easy.

Until next week!


Week 3 Weekly Summary

Shew! This week was alot of work! I thought I spread everything out nicely, but maybe I didn’t do as well as I thought with my time management. Oh well, though – I am learning, and hopefully will get better every week.

I liked organizing my blog. For weeks 1 and 2, I kind of just crammed everything into one big post. Looking back, after all of the revamping I’ve done to my blog this week, I feel like such an amateur. HAHA. Oh well, I am kind of OCD, so the whole category think worked well for my brain! I am sure there is much more organizing to be done that I don’t even know about yet, so I am pretty excited to see what is to come.

I enjoyed reading the Westerns this week. Oddly enough, I’ve found myself being more and more intrigued by this culture. I really liked the Ice man story – I think it really portrayed the setting AND mindsets of those living in the Wild West.

I also really loved doing the writing assignments this week. Although we were assigned one, I liked how we could pick the other assignments we wished to do. They really made me think. And although this course is geared toward Western, these assignments allow me to think about myself– my deeper thoughts and ideas that I did not know were there. I even sent my parents and brother my “Freshman Move In Day” post, and although it was a dark time for me, it allowed us all to think about that day again and realize how far I, and everyone in my family, have come since that day.

It was fun creating Bonnie Sue. I liked creating a life other than mine. I was allowed to decide what her past was, who her husband is, what her hobbies are, etc. It was relaxing in a way! I am excited to see what else we will do to develop our characters from here on out.

Have a great weekend everyone!