Gals of the West Week 1 Progress

This week has been really great/stress-free so far, so I am super pleased!

It all started Friday when a few girls emailed Jenna, who told them we would both be in their group… and then, bam, before we knew it, we had a group of 6 by Friday night — later deciding our name would be the Gals of the West!

I figured we wouldn’t do much until the next week [Monday] but to my surprise, by Sunday evening, two whole pages of a google doc had been filled with notes/conversation from all of the members! I quickly hopped on and gave some input.

With 6 of us, we decided it would be pretty hard to try and meet one another. Instead, we planned to meet on Google Docs chat feature last night, where we would decide the route we wanted to take as far as developing our story.

We decided that (with the help of Paul Bond) we would do a murder mystery from 6 different viewpoints! We will start with an introduction, go through each character who will tell their point of view from the night of the murder, and it will be one of our characters who finds the dead guy.

I think it’ll be really good. Everyone will send Jenna and I their audio/commercials/bumpers, and we will compile it all together.

That’s our plan so far! I am really happy with the eagerness and helpfulness everyone has been putting in in just the first few days. We have a great group of girls! I am hoping our project will turn out really well. 🙂

Design Blitz!

FullSizeRender (4)

#1 — Typography.

This is my locker name tag from my freshman year at Monnmouth University, where I (obviously) played field hockey! I have always loved this- not only because it represents the hard work I put in to get there + the opportunity I had been given, but to me, it’s attractive to the eye.

The use of typograpy is great here. It’s intimidating in a way, communicates strongly, and it shows that it represents something important.

In addition, the “secondary fonts”, or the fonts below and above my name, accent the primary font well. They’re not too weak, but not too stronng to overcome my name.

I also like how my name is the biggest text (not to sound cocky). It shows that it is MY locker, and when you look around the locker room you will see the names on the tags over the other texts. To me, this represents the fact that we are all individuals, making up small pieces to this team.

FullSizeRender (3)

#2– Balance.

I had a hard time with this one, but I definitely wanted to find something that I could use under this category. I chose a big, yummy salad I made for myself and my roommates this week.

This is aesthetically pleasing to me! They say that unbalanced images can make the viewer feel uncomfortable — but I think this one is just the opposite. Yes, the strawberries could be placed in a more symmetrical pattern. However, the bowl filled with spinach is balanced, as the spinach leaves are spread out nicely through the bowl. In addition, the feta is not completely spread about, but it is nicely concentrated in the center of the salad (same with the strawberries, with some scattered about beyond that).

FullSizeRender (2)

#3 — Color.

These are flowers I received this week from my boyfriend, lucky me! I immediately thought of color and how well the pink, baby pink, yellow, and greens compliment eachother in this bouqet of flowers! The colors are similar in their contrast, so they look really good along side one another. The yellow maybe doesn’t belong so much, but the pops of yellow in this bouqet are what make it really beautiful to me.


#4 — Dominance.

So, as I read about dominance, I tried to look around and find a BAD design of dominance, just for kicks. However, I seriously could not find any! I looked at tags on clothes, signs, logos on water bottles, business cards, etc. So, credit is due to the graphic designers of the world! Anyways, I settled on this logo design on one of my folders. I think it’s super simple, but strong. The fact that “FIVE STAR” is written in capital letters and is a little bit larger than the actual 5 stars underneath of it shows that “it’s all in the name”! This attractive, powerful logo is the reason why 5 star is the leading product when it comes to school supplies. I have always loved it because of it’s sleek look and dominance it asserts — it almost makes me feel as if I will get my work done quicker and more accurately! 🙂

Week 3 Realizations about Westerns

Instead of trying to type something up really nicely, I am gonna list off whatever comes to my mind regarding realizations about the west – what I knew, what I’ve learned– all through our readings, etc………..

  • the Wild West (IN A WAY) mocks today’s “Southern” Stereotype.
    • the man does the labor
    • the woman is seen as inferior to the man
      • its a privelege for the woman for a man to choose to marry her
      • the woman cooks and stays at home for the most part
    • racism existed, heavily
      • racial slurs were a common thing; “colored” folk were seen as inferior to the “white” folk
  • common occupations are..
    • sheriff
    • barber
    • teacher
    • prostitutes
    • rodeo performers
    • outlaws
    • bartenders
    • blacksmiths
  • there were alot of ranches, seems to be there was a pretty significant line between the rich and poor.
    • poor = prostitutes, colored people, those that perform manual labor for others
    • rich = owned & lived on ranches, owned alot of land, often had a wife and prostitues, owned many animals, esp. cows and bulls

These are just a few things I have learned through the readings thus far. Hopefully I can update this particular post as we move along in the course!


Kurt Vonnegut on Ice Man

First off, I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Vonnegut’s short video. It was short, sweet, and to the point — with some added humor, which I loved! It was super relatable – well, because, he DID pretty much summarize every movie or story ever made within four minutes and thirty seconds.

The short story, the Ice Man, starts off with a young, 20 year old man who is feeling pretty great about himself. He had just won a huge competition, the name “Top Bull Rider”, $4,000, and a new saddle at the All-Indian National Rodeo in Palm Springs.  As a competitor, there’s not many feelings greater than winning it all. And, a huge victory calls for — you guessed it — a celebration!  As soon as this man, Victor, left the rodeo grounds, he met up with some friends to have a few drinks. Unfortunately for him, during his attempt at celebration, he is interuppted by a pretty rude white man — the ICE man (Immigration Control worker). Clearly a racist, the Ice Man decides he’s not a fan of the boys. After yelling several racial slurs and  rude comments, he decides to arrest the boys, simply because they’re of other ethnicity.

This story fits the format for Vonnegut’s first shape, the one where the character starts off on a high (Victor winning the rodeo), followed by a huge low (getting arrested and losing all of his money). Poor Victor……………….

My Character: Bonnie Sue

Bonnie Sue, wife of the town Sheriff.

Bonnie was born and raised in Kansas, where she married the town sheriff at age 20. Sheriff Woodrow and Bonnie live on a beautiful ranch just outside of town, which she prefers so they are not always involved in the hustle and bustle of the everyday incidences. She is a grade school teacher, and absolutely loves her job. Teaching children is a great way for her to feel like she is doing something wonderful with her life, but it also keeps her mind off of her worries about her husband. Every day that he goes off to work, in the back of her mind she prays that he comes home safely. Bonnie knows the dangers that are out there, and longs for peace in their town.

When she is not teaching and spending time with Woodrow, Bonnie Sue enjoys cooking, sewing and knitting, and attending rodeo performances. Bonnie and her girlfriends usually spend one night a week together gossiping, having bible studies, and sewing and knitting.

Although Bonnie’s life seems wonderful now, she has had a rocky past. Her father died at a very young age – so young she barely remembers him, and never had a father figure in her life. Her mother struggled to provide for her and her brother, Adler, and there were too many times they went to bed hungry. Her mother always had different men coming into her house, which undoubtedly scarred Bonnie Sue for the remainder of her life.

Until she met Sheriff Woodrow. He changed everything, showed her that pure, true love was possible, and cares for her like no one ever has before. She has absolutely never been happier, and doesn’t know if she could be happier than she is now.

Frontier Town

I am from a small town in Delaware which resides only 40 minutes away from a place many of you have probably heard of before: Ocean City, Maryland. One of Ocean City’s many attractions is it’s infamous amusement park, Frontier Town. It looks just like a typical Western town that you would imagine from your own experiences: a general store, a few restaurants, saloons, barber shops, etc. They even have a “Wild West Showdown” as entertainment everyday, which usually included a gunfight between two middle-aged white men (this gunfight often seemed all too real for 7  year old me!).  Frontier Town also puts on shows where Native Americans dance around with fire and other things. It’s really cool to watch.

Needless to say, when I think of Western culture, Frontier Town comes to mind because, well, that’s exactly what it is: a very accurate portrayal of Western culture. I also think of the common quote that Western men would say before a gunfight: “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us”.



Introducing Me!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog and my very first post! Here, I will try and introduce myself the best I can via pictures, video, and tweets…

These pictures portray a few of the most important things in my life: my family, my boyfriend, and the beach. For every year since I can remember, my family and I have taken a trip to Hatteras Island, North Carolina. We’ve had some amazing memories in this place, which is why it holds such a special place in our hearts.





I had a twitter in highschool, but found that it took up way too much of my time once I started college. It’s kind of weird having one again, and there’s so many new updates with the program now!