Daily Create Story

It all started when Wayne broke up with me. I went on a wild rant….. for 5 whole days – I drank and I drank, I smoked marijuana and cigarettes, and I did not sleep. Not once. Wayne really screwed me over. Anyways, on Friday, I got even more reckless. I spray painted graffiti all over the bridge going over the canal. I wrote one of my worst’ enemie’s name — Carlee — we have a long history of fights and drama. I can’t stand her. I hope she gets in trouble for it!!!

After Friday, I decided to go on a walk. A long one. I walked until I couldn’t walk anymore, and I landed at Bruce Wayne’s house. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! I thought, “My luck must be turning around… Fate wouldn’t just put me at Bruce Wayne’s house for nothing”.

I walked around and peeped through all of the windows, trying to get a glimpse of the amazing house and to see if he was in there. He wasn’t. Dang.

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