Weekly Summary, Week 12

This week wasn’t bad at all for DS106! I stepped up my commenting game, I enjoyed the Daily Creates, and I definitely liked doing the assignments this week.

I chose all design assignments to remix, because that’s what I am best at. I really like the idea of Mashing and Remixing, because it allows us to step even further outside of the box and even transform work we’ve already done — all due to ideas in our brains!

While creating the tutorial wasn’t nearly as fun as doing the other assignments, it wasn’t all that bad, and if it will help the next generation of DS106ers, then that is more than okay with me! The most annoying part was “print screening”, pasting, and cropping up the image for every single window I used. It probably took me about 45 minutes total, which in the long run, isn’t all that bad.


Bring Your Pet to School REMIXXXXXXXXXXXX

Cat on Campus Remix

For this assignment, I remixed a Visual assignment that I did weeks back. Originally, as you can tell by the title of the blog, I had to create a visual that showed my pet on campus. I also had to add in my western character, so there she is, Bonnie Sue!

For the remix, I had to advertise DS106 in some way. I simply brought the image up on canva and added a text that says “DS106, where you get to do weird stuff like this”. I thought this advertisement was fitting, considering this assignment looks very odd to the eye of an average joe!

Holiday Mashup ReMiXxXxXxXx


For my first remix assignment, I chose the holiday mashup assignment I did for this week and hit remix! The instructions for this remix simply said to “‘stache it”! So, I chose the egg to put a mustache on.

I used Canva (like I did to create the original image) and searched the images for mustache. After finding one, I added it to the egg, and I was done!

  • NOTE — I did not realize that I needed to press the “Remix It” button again after seeing the remix assignment the first time, so therefore I do not have the tags 🙁 But I do for my next assignment!

Tutorial for a Mashup assignment

I am going to show you how I made a mashup design for a DS106 assignment called “This Doesn’t Belong Here”, which you can find in the DS106 Assignment bank by clicking on the link above. In this assignment, we had to mash 2 movie scenes together.

I am going to go through each step that I took to make this design! Feel free to comment below with questions.


First, I googled “iconic star wars scenes”


Then, I googled ‘cheshire cat’


I then opened up http://www.canva.com, a website that I have come to love through this class! I use it for alot for design and visual assignments. To the left, there is a tab you can click on called “Uploads”. You can simply drag and drop the image you want to chooe, or you can upload it from your files. Once uploaded, you can insert it into the blank canvas.


I then did the same thing for the cheshire cat image. I made it a little smaller, though. It’s really to resize things on Canva.


I then double-clicked the chesire cat picture. As you can see, there is a transparency tool you can use to make it more/less transparent.


I then used Windows Photo Viewer to rotate my picture. Then, bam, I was done!

I hope this helps!



Mashing Friends and Emojis

Kathy and hat

For this assignment [4.5/12 stars — putting me over 12 stars for the week], we had to mash up an emoji and a friend (as the title says..)

I chose my favorite emoji and one of my favorite people for this one! It was pretty simple, I used SnapChat to make the emoji really large, saved the picture, then placed it beside a picture of my roommate doing the same pose using the Layout app.

I then used Canva to put the cowgirl hats on them! I chose this assignment to incorporate my character, Bonnie Sue. Although she’s not physically in this image, this is her favorite cowgirl hat of all time! She let me borrow them just so I could do better on my assignment. How sweet 🙂

This Doesn’t Belong Here

 Star Wars and Cheshire

For this assignment [4.5/12 stars], we had to somehow mashup 2 iconic movie scenes. I found it hard to really blend two SCENES together, so I chose to do one scene + a character inserted into that scene.

I chose Star Wars for the scene part. It’s my all-time favorite movie series – I have been watching it with my dad and brother since I was just a youngin’. I chose a scene with Han, Leia, and Luke. As you can see, I chose to add in the cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland (another all-time favorite movie of mine!)

In alot of Alice in Wonderland scenes, the cheshire cat is just creeping in the background, usually above the characters. To mash these two movies together, I used Canva, and increased the transparency on the cat image because that’s how he usually is seen in Alice in Wonderland.

Overall, this was a fun assignment!

Holiday Mashup

Holiday Mashup_4.5

For this assignment [4/12 stars], we had to mash three of our favorite holidays together however we wanted using some type of editing software. I used Canva, and as always, it never disappoints!

My three favorite holidays, as you can likely tell, are Christms, Easter, and Thanksgiving. I tried to set it up as a Christmas tree scene, with the “presents” under the tree representing the holidays. As you can see, the pie and turkey represent Thanksgiving, the egg and the rabbit represent Easter, and the snowflakes, christmas tree, and snowman under the tree represent Christmas!

This assignment was my first mashup assignment, and it was pretty fun and easy to do!

weekly summary week 11

Hey y’all! Another week down for DS106. This week was pretty mild and easy and I have my group members to thank for that!

Lindsey, Natalie, Jenna, and I did a video as you probably know by now if you’ve looked at my blog — “College is a Rodeo”!!

What I did was record “a day in the life of Bonnie Sue” all day on Tuesday with my iPhone 5s. I then sent my videos to Jenna’s MacBook, and used iMovie to compile everything into a nice, smooth film. I used the same transition the whole time and set background music via YouTube to MP3 audio converter. I was amazed at how user friendly iMovie was! The task was so much easier than I expected. We then exported our videos and sent them off to Lindsey and Tierra, who were to compile everything together for us!

Since I recorded Tuesday, I was pretty much done by Wednesday for ds106! It was a great feeling not having to worry about anything from then on!

I really enjoyed working with Lindsey, Tierra, and Jenna again! They are extremely hard working and just want to get the job done, and to produce quality work while doing it.

See ya next week!

Video Show Progress!

So we’ve made some good progress so far! Our plan, as you saw on my trailer last week, is to film a day in the life of us in our new lives in Fredericksburg, VA — going to college at the University of Mary Washington! Then, Lindsey and Tierra are going to put all of it together in a nice movie. I am almost done with my part — I plan to send it to them by tonight so they have all day tomorrow to do it!

I have found that it’s a little hard to film myself on campus… It’s awkward!!! I filmed my walk to and from classes and I know people thought I was filming them…oops. Regardless, gotta do what ya gotta do!

Wish me luck on the rest of my project!

Daily Creates, week 11