Weekly Summary, Week 13

This week was really different! When we started the assignments for this class, I never thought that essentially “hacking” into a website would be on the list! Also, when I saw “The Wild Wild Web” as the title of this was instructions, I had no idea what was in store!

I really enjoyed doing the assignments, especially the Pinterest boards! I absolutely love Pinterest… and to be able to add to my boards for a grade was a huge treat for me! The “Dream Travel” & “Dream Bedroom” ideas were also cultivating — for one, I am about to graduate, and I’ve always said that I wanted to travel before settling into the real world.. for two, I will be soon moving out of my college house & will need ideas for a new bedroom!

Connecting the Daily Creates was also quite interesting. As I did each of my 3 daily creates, I thought about how I could connect them together in the long run! Each time, I thought to myself, “YUP — no idea how this is going to happen!”, but as soon as I went to write up my blog post, it came to me!

As always, I commented, tweeted, and had another good week with DS106! Happy Weekend!

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