My Character: Bonnie Sue

Bonnie Sue, wife of the town Sheriff.

Bonnie was born and raised in Kansas, where she married the town sheriff at age 20. Sheriff Woodrow and Bonnie live on a beautiful ranch just outside of town, which she prefers so they are not always involved in the hustle and bustle of the everyday incidences. She is a grade school teacher, and absolutely loves her job. Teaching children is a great way for her to feel like she is doing something wonderful with her life, but it also keeps her mind off of her worries about her husband. Every day that he goes off to work, in the back of her mind she prays that he comes home safely. Bonnie knows the dangers that are out there, and longs for peace in their town.

When she is not teaching and spending time with Woodrow, Bonnie Sue enjoys cooking, sewing and knitting, and attending rodeo performances. Bonnie and her girlfriends usually spend one night a week together gossiping, having bible studies, and sewing and knitting.

Although Bonnie’s life seems wonderful now, she has had a rocky past. Her father died at a very young age – so young she barely remembers him, and never had a father figure in her life. Her mother struggled to provide for her and her brother, Adler, and there were too many times they went to bed hungry. Her mother always had different men coming into her house, which undoubtedly scarred Bonnie Sue for the remainder of her life.

Until she met Sheriff Woodrow. He changed everything, showed her that pure, true love was possible, and cares for her like no one ever has before. She has absolutely never been happier, and doesn’t know if she could be happier than she is now.

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